God’s Call isn’t reserved for Sunday: Origins of One Cup

Several years ago, God called me into ministry through simply speaking the word “teach” over me. The crazy thing about listening to God is you either say no and regret it or say yes and realize your perception of what you agreed to is wildly different and infinitely more beautiful than what you ever expected. I did both. While I originally pursued the realm of education, I realized that all ministry, to some degree, is encapsulated by teaching. God teaches us, and we teach others. For years, I have watched God transform my perception of “teach” as it has grown into many different fields of ministry; however, it was through this call that God has shown me the power of service, love, and words which has resulted in the birth of this blog.

After finally saying yes to God and changing my major from Music Education to Theology, I took a part time job at a well-known coffee shop. All of my previous work experience was with music lessons or performances, so I was totally out of my element; however, God used this secular establishment to teach me how to love and serve unconditionally, maybe even more so than studying Theology. While there were many incidents that God used at this venue, one such event would would become the name of this blog and give to me a powerful life lesson that I hold onto constantly.

I was always warned to be wary of those customers in the service industry. You know, the ones that would make you “give up on humanity.” Within my first two weeks, I had an encounter with one such brutish individual. Working the drive-thru, my responsibility was to give customers their orders promptly while engaging and welcoming them; however, one of the first customers of the day was not having it. I opened the window, put on my biggest smile, offered my most inviting seven AM hello, and was immediately shot down. Eyes rolling, cold and bitter, this woman wanted nothing to do with me, my service, or anyone else. I knew this was the customer everyone warned me about. After receiving her money, I closed the window, and my mind started to wander. I had just started a job in which people would constantly treat me like trash, and she would be the first. Despite this, I pushed “give up on humanity” out of my head, smiled bigger, and handed her a $2.75 cup of coffee. With just simply touching the cup, this woman became a saint. Her expression changed, money flew into my tip jar, and she drove off with a “thank you, baby.” I was baffled. One cup of coffee, not even a $5 specialty latte, and a smile literally changed this woman’s whole day.

I learned that the simplest gestures can make a huge impact on other individuals, and now few days go by that I don’t remind myself of this very moment. When I decided to begin writing a blog, I wanted to be able to serve others and encourage with them something to hold onto throughout their day. I decided to name it One Cup as a namesake for the simplicity of small offerings. As Christians, we often try to make the biggest impact possible for Christ; however, if something does not go according to our plans, we immediately get discouraged. We expect that our actions may cause someone to get saved, overcome some sort of trauma, etc., but we too often are not satisfied to let a seed be planted and the Holy Spirit to foster its growth. Not everything we say and do has to set people free; however, the Church is a conduit for God to do His work within the world, and I want to encourage you that even your smallest actions can make the biggest changes in someone’s life. No matter your field, teach through your actions and words, be a light in someone’s life, and love as Jesus first loved you. One cup changed that woman’s day, and perhaps that one cup changed another person’s life.

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